Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ruby is FAST!

That's what I'm talking about. Ruby 1.9 is almost five times faster comparing to Ruby 1.8.6. Isn't it great? Perhaps this fact will make me turn back to Ruby from Python and will help me making my decision on platforms I use.

I'm aiming to have two platforms by my hand and for my purposes. The first one is definitely .NET - the one I'm going to use for large enterprise solutions. The second one is something I'm not sure about. I do know the main purpose of it though: this platform should be cross-platform, built on top of some script language and be easy to use for some lightweight solutions like a small e-shop or anything alike. Current variants are:

  1. Ruby with Ruby on Rails or Merb
  2. Python with Django or Pylons
  3. Objective-J with Cappuccino

I'm a devoted fan of Ruby and if Ruby's speed is not a problem anymore I'll definitely turn back to Ruby. That's why I meet all such kind of news with great inspiration and hope.

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