Thursday, 18 December 2008

Leaves Bugs System

Are you satisfied with Bugzilla? My answer is NO. I know it's has many nice features but I'm absolutely disappointed with it's UI. How could anyone create such a crap?! It's unusable and usually I spend up to 10 minutes to search for defects assigned to me for some specific iteration.

I saw nice solutions, but all of them had some drawbacks that made me drop using them off. One of these drawbacks was the price =). Anyway, me decision is to create something of my own. And as it is my graduation project, I have to complete it.

I'll develop it on top of the ASP.NET MVC Beta, NHibernate as my ORM (I'm disappointed with the EF at the moment) and JQuery as a great accelerator for UI. I'll try to follow best practices, including TDD and CI. Hope this will be a nice project ;)

Yesterday I've created some basic folder structure and started writing NAnt script for my new solution. I've also set up SVN server and added my projects to subversion. If everything goes fine I'll manage to set up CI at the earliest stage possible - and that's a good point. And later on - no step without TDD :) It's just too good to work without it.

New info coming soon!

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