Tuesday 2 December 2008

Python 3.0 rc3

Yesterday I've installed release candidate #3 for Python 3.0. My expectations were high enough and as with all high expectations I did not find what I was intended to find. 'self' in method signatures is still there, for example :( I'll continue my investigations by all my enthusiasm has gone.

Another not very good news is that Python actually doesn't have anything like Rake. Yes, it has some continuous integration tools, but that are far from rake in verbosity. I've found a blog post announcing development of something called 'Pyke' - Rake for Python. The author of it is a real Python fan and the only reason to develop this 'Pyke' for him is to prove that Python is better than Ruby. The latest post about this tool is dated December 11, 2007 that means we're not going to see anything of Rake level in Python world. What a pity :(

Really I like Ruby more, but... But as was stated in my recent post I'm a bit disappointed with Ruby. That's why and only why I'm going to study Python 3.0 and see what it can offer for a Ruby fan.

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