Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What is Windows Phone 7 Series for developers?

Internet is buzzing all around about new Windows Mobile OS - Windows Phone 7 Series. Presentations are awesome, UI is nice and usable. At last Windows fans have something mobile to be proud of :)

But what is this event for us, developers? As an iPhone user and .NET developer I was rather anxious to people who could write programs for their phones and sell them at market. But looks like things have changed. We'll have a nice .NET environment at new phones - that's a fact. However, base technology still remains uncovered. According to Scott Guthrie:

re: Windows Phone 7 development: I can't say more right now other than we'll discuss it at MIX - and that it is very, very cool.

I'm not sure but I think Silverlight will be this technology. As I can judge from presentations it is already supported at WP7S devices. All needed is to allow Silverlight applications to run out of mobile browser and become an application that user can run just like Mail or Calendar. And that feature is already present in Silverlight 3 so guys have to work just a little bit more to make us very happy.

What will be next? I think I'm not the only one who wants to write mobile .NET applications so perhaps we'll see a mobile development boom in .NET community. More Silverlight developers, greater Windows Phone adoption, huge popularity raise for Expression Blend and Visual Studio - wonderful situation for Microsoft.

All these are just suggestions and we'll have official details only at MIX that will take place in March 15-17 in Las Vegas. Keeping in mind that we'll see Internet Explorer 9 there - it will be an Event.

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