Friday 12 February 2010

What do I need from Internet Explorer 9?

That's a really interesting question. I did not use any Internet Explorer as my main browser before Internet Explorer 8. IE8 changed my mind a bit and I've been using it for about a month and a half. Why did I jump off:

  1. Tabs opened slowly
  2. Pages loaded slowly
  3. No nice CSS features like border-radius
  4. Misses some FireBug features (although see next p.1)
  5. Too large header bars (comparing to Chrome)

What I liked:

  1. Wonderful tool for developers, it's my favorite at the moment (better than FireBug!)
  2. Tab grouping
  3. Extensibility

After IE8 I've tried to return back to Firefox but I could not stand it's strange behaviors anymore so I've switched to Chrome. What do I like in Chrome:

  1. Damn it's fast
  2. It's fast
  3. Did I mention it's fast?
  4. It has neat interface

So, what do I want from IE9? That's what:

  1. Please fix what I disliked in IE8
  2. Please add what I like in Chrome

This is a simple recipe, isn't it? :)

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