Friday 14 May 2010

Book Review: Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies


I like books about patterns. Really. They’re not about some silver bullets that can save people, they’re the essence of experience of people who are smarter than I am – and I like it.

I like books about management. Not just project management, but bringing order into chaos – that sort of things.

So what about book about management patterns? I just love it! Really, it’s wonderful. I could buy this book for only its authors but after reading it – I should have bought it even If I didn’t know any of the authors.

This book is a compilation of patterns of project behavior that authors have observed throughout their careers in projects of different sizes and methodologies. There is no complete story – it’s just a set of patterns that can be read from the beginning or from the end – but they should be read. Some things are rather obvious like Dead Fish and some are not like Telling The Truth Slowly. Some are with humor, some are rather sad. Some gave me ideas on how to organize things in my own company (if I ever run one) like Food++. Some are just useful.

Like any other pattern books – it should not be read once and put away. No, it should be read from time to time – at least once a year – just to remember what’s written there. I know I have not much management experience so surely I’ll look at some patterns differently when reading them next time.

As any other pattern it can not be directly applied to any project case. It should be adopted, changed and tuned for each particular case. What’s the use of it then? You have the starting point – you know the idea of what should be done and implementation will follow.

So now, stop reading this and go get one.

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