Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Apple vs Adobe: Success Story

These days only lazy keeps silent on the hottest ‘companies war’ topic: Apple has completely kicked Adobe out of iPhone/iPad devices. I won’t dive deep into this sole fact as you may read about it here and there:

  1. mashable.com/2010/04/10/steve-jobs-adobe/
  2. billmackin.com/2010/03/can-apple-kill-flash/

The question is: how can this end? Let’s have a look at the best possible (but though realistic) variant. At the end we need two happy companies: Apple and Adobe. What will make Adobe happy:

  1. Adobe Flash on iPhone/iPad – directly or via indirection layer
  2. Access to Mac OS X hardware acceleration API – for Flash Player

What will make Apple happy (keeping in mind same points for Adobe):

  1. Jobs gets his revenge
  2. Mac OS X gets fast and stable Flash Player

This maybe only a shallow view but it covers main points that bother us, users. How can both companies become happy in this conflict? If Apple gives Adobe their p.2, Adobe will provide p.2 that Apple needs. If Apple has nice and fast Flash Player on Mac OS X, why not put it to iPhone/iPad?

The only uncovered point is Jobs’ revenge and it’s the hardest point to answer. Maybe he’ll get satisfied if Adobe products will release for Macs a month before Windows release or some other candy from Adobe that fits his specific taste.

Are these points too hard to match for two mature companies? I think not. So why the hell users suffer the most?

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