Friday 12 March 2010

MIX sessions I want to have a look at

I’ve browsed all upcoming MIX sessions and chose several worth watching:

Open Standards
HTML5 Now: The Future of Web Markup Today
The Mono Project
SVG: The Past, Present and Future of Vector Graphics for the Web

Design Fundamentals for Developers (and Other Non-Designers)
Great User Experiences: Seamlessly Blending Technology and Design
Designing Rich Experiences for Data-Centric Applications
Total Experience Design
The Elephant in the Room
An Hour With Bill Buxton
The Laws of User Experience

Ruby, Python, PHP
IronRuby for the .NET Developer
Pumping «Iron» on the Web: IronRuby and IronPython


Six Things Every jQuery Developer Must Know
How jQuery Makes Hard Things Simple
Building a Next-Generation Web Application with Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2 and jQuery

Cloud Computing

Designing and Delivering Scalable and Resilient Web Services
Opening Up Opportunity with Twitter
Lap around the Windows Azure Platform
Building Platforms and Applications for the Real-Time Web
Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Azure: A Match Made for the Web

Windows Phone 7

Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Series Application Platform
Windows Phone UI and Design Language
Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight
Windows Phone Application Platform Architecture
Silverlight Performance on Windows Phone
Development and Debugging Tools for Building XNA Games for Windows Phone
Distributing and Monetizing Windows Phone Applications and Games
Building Windows Phone Games
Building a High Performance 3D Game for Windows Phone
Designing and Developing for the Rich Mobile Web


Microsoft Silverlight 4 Boot Camp
Microsoft Silverlight 4 Overview: What's in Store for Silverlight 4?
Authoring for Microsoft Silverlight 4 with Microsoft Expression Blend
The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework
Stepping Outside the Browser with Microsoft Silverlight 4
Building the eBay 2 Minute Lister with Silverlight
Microsost Silverlight 4 Business Applications
An Introduction to Developing Applications for Microsoft Silverlight
Debugging Microsoft Silverlight Applications
Introducing the Silverlight Rough Cut Editor
Developing with WCF RIA Services Quickly and Effectively
Unit Testing Silverlight and Windows Phone Applications
Building an Accessible Microsoft Silverlight Experience
Securing Microsoft Silverlight Applications
Microsoft Silverlight Optimization and Extensibility with MEF
Principles of Microsoft Silverlight Graphics and Animation
Developing Multiplayer Games with Microsoft Silverlight 4
Flash Skills Applied to Microsoft Silverlight Design and Development
Developing Natural User Interfaces with Microsoft Silverlight and WPF 4 Touch
Building Large-Scale, Data-Centric Applications with Silverlight
Search Engine Optimization for Microsoft Silverlight
Accessing Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight
Building Finance Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 4
Creating Effective Info Viz in Microsoft Silverlight
An Enterprise Perspective on Silverlight 4

Internet Explorer 9

In-Depth Look at Internet Explorer 9
High-Performance Best Practices for Web Sites
Internet Explorer Developer Tools


Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Boot Camp
Beyond File | New Company: From Cheesy Sample to Social Platform
What's New in Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2
The HaaHa Show: Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Security with Haack and Hanselman
Driving Experiences via Services Using the Microsoft .NET Framework
Building Great Standards-Based Websites for the Big Wide World with Microsoft ASP.NET 4
Web Deployment Made Awesome: If You're Using XCopy, You're Doing It Wrong
Improving Software Quality for the Modern Web

Labs, New tech, Tools

Designing Bing: Heart and Science
Advanced Web Debugging with Fiddler
Reactive Extensions for Javascript


Media Processing Workflow
Microsoft Silverlight «Media»: Moving at 60fps


Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern
Build Your Own MVVM Framework


A Case Study: Rapid WordPress Design and Prototyping with Expression Web 3
Dynamic Layout and Transitions for Microsoft Silverlight 4 with Microsoft Expression Blend
Prototyping Rich Microsoft Silverlight 4 Applications with Microsoft Expression SketchFlow


Designing Corporate Web Sites using SharePoint 2010
Building Rich and Interactive User Experiences in SharePoint
Designing an Internet-Facing Web Site Using SharePoint 2010

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