Tuesday 18 November 2008

Windows 7 most discussable topics

Here you can find an interesting article about five most talked-about Windows 7 features. According to this article, they are:
  1. modified UAC (yeap, much more customizable drive-me-crazy-popups)
  2. new taskbar (finally we can sort icons at taskbar. Perhaps, the larger step taken from Win 3.1 :))
  3. HomeGroup - now it will be much easier and secure to share your folders, view Mary's shares, etc.
  4. Libraries - looks like some case of taggable file system. You'll be able to group files by their content, not only drives and folders. As for me - I'd like to see fully functional taggable file system.
  5. Touchscreen - for now I'm not sure how this feature will be useful. Perhaps, in games with horizontally placed monitor it will be useful (Tetris, Spider, Fallout 3... oops, not the case :D). But in routine tasks... I'm not sure. Hope Microsoft knows what it's doing.
And of course I have my own give-me-it! feature. As for me, I'm really looking forward to Vista sidebar controls floating all around here and there. Simplest use - stick notes all around your desktop. Sidebar was just toooo strict to place them all in one place. And here... Yammy!

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